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Artist: Anno Domini
Title: So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
Composers: Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn

Anno Domini is the next band to join the ranks of those striving for metal perfection. Anno Domini were founded at the beginning of the millennium in uptight suburbia on the North Shore of Sydney, Australia. Five high school misfits were brought together by their need for distortion and double kicks. Danny Straughen and Iain McLure – the lead and rhythm guitarists – were the founders of Anno Domini. Amir Bukan joined as drummer and Dan Kendall rounded out the line up on bass. Kieran Helmore was a roadie and sound engineer for the band when they began with their original singer. A year later Kieran joined the band as keyboard player and after a direction change is now their full time front man. Although they have been in the metal scene for the past 6 years, their youngest members have only recently been legally allowed into the venues. Their sound, ever evolving from their nonstop gigging up and down the east coast has mutated into a tighter live show although more intense and chaotic. Anno Domini’s sound is an amalgamation of styles with influences as diverse as Behemoth, Vader, Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth. Anno Domini have spent 2009 recording their debut album ‘Atrocities’ at East Street Studio in Sydney. ‘Atrocities’ was mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth/Katatonia/Bloodbath). Their debut offering is a crushing blend of death, black and symphonic metal, dubbed as “skilled and intense” by Jens. In 2009 Anno Domini landed a much coveted slot on USC Metalfest 2009 at the Factory Theatre as well as the support for Brazilian band Krisiun on their April Southern Storm Tour at the Manning Bar, and recently was selected to perform at Utopia’s 30th Anniversary show supporting Mortal sin and The Amenta. Anno Domini commenced their first ever east coast tour which included 3 Melbourne dates and a Brisbane date. They kicked off the tour performing as a main support at Wagga Open Air supporting US metalcore heavy weights Darkest Hour and Carnifex.

Lyrics: So you want to be a rock'n'roll star
Then listen now to what I say
Just get an electric guitar
And take some time and learn how to play
And when your hair's combed right and your pants fit tight
It's gonna be all right
Then it's time to go down town
Where the agent men won't let you down
Sell your soul to the company
Who are waiting there to sell plastic ware
And in a week or two if you make the charts
The girls will tear you apart
What you pay for your riches and fame
Was it all a strange game
You're a little insane
The money that came and the public acclaim
Don't forget what you are
You're a rock'n'roll star

A Conscience of Wholeness
The seventy year period since the founding of the UN in 1945, when the Interdependent Age might be said to have begun, has seen the gradual emergence of a conscience of wholeness. As a species we are developing an intuitive sense of what is right and wrong in the relations between peoples and nations, alongside a body of experience in coordinating and planning action that reflects and responds to that conscience. When we get impatient about apparent lack of progress (and it is good that we do get impatient) we need to remind ourselves that ancient habits informed by separateness have conditioned who we are for centuries. As Kofi Anan has remarked, the spirit of international community is still ‘hardly more than embryonic’. Its development cannot be rushed. It takes time for a global conscience to put down roots – generations of persistent wilful activity and profound reflection by people of goodwill in all walks of life and all professions. Yet the still embryonic sense that we are all part of a global community is changing the world. The seventy years since 1945 can be seen as a time when people of goodwill have increasingly and repeatedly been inspired to transform the shrine of human living in ways that reflect their awareness of wholeness.
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