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Artist: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
"Love and Violence"
OMD "Love and Violence"
From the album "Junk Culture" (1984)
A&M / Virgin

She walks real slow
Talks like an animal
What am I
Supposed to do?
I’ve tried to explain
My heart’s not a radio
But I can’t seem
To get to you

Face to face
Tears on a heart of stone
When she talks
I walk away
It seems to me
It’s just a waste of time
These are words
I know she’s heard before

She’s the girl
Guess I’ll always know
And I’ve tried
I’ve tried
She always seems to know

The morning after
But not before
I haven’t slept
I know I promised
To come see you
But now I have these
Things to do
All in all
It seems to me
You don’t understand
Shall I make it obvious
Do you really want me to make up?

She walks real slow
Like an animal
What am I
Supposed to do?
Her bedroom talk
Cuts like a razor blade
Every test
To put me through

She doesn’t talk
For days and days
And when she does
She always says
That I act real slow
Behave like an animal
What am I
Supposed to do?

And I’ve tried
I’ve tried
I just can't let her go
And I’ve tried
I’ve tried
But she always seems to know
We don’t make sense
Love and violence
We don’t make sense
Love and violence
We don’t make sense
Love and violence
We don’t make sense
Love and violence

A Conscience of Wholeness
The seventy year period since the founding of the UN in 1945, when the Interdependent Age might be said to have begun, has seen the gradual emergence of a conscience of wholeness. As a species we are developing an intuitive sense of what is right and wrong in the relations between peoples and nations, alongside a body of experience in coordinating and planning action that reflects and responds to that conscience. When we get impatient about apparent lack of progress (and it is good that we do get impatient) we need to remind ourselves that ancient habits informed by separateness have conditioned who we are for centuries. As Kofi Anan has remarked, the spirit of international community is still ‘hardly more than embryonic’. Its development cannot be rushed. It takes time for a global conscience to put down roots – generations of persistent wilful activity and profound reflection by people of goodwill in all walks of life and all professions. Yet the still embryonic sense that we are all part of a global community is changing the world. The seventy years since 1945 can be seen as a time when people of goodwill have increasingly and repeatedly been inspired to transform the shrine of human living in ways that reflect their awareness of wholeness.
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